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Meridian Pacific, Ltd. has financed, designed, developed, constructed, leased, managed and owned an aggregate total of over 20,000,000 square feet of hospitality, industrial, retail, office and residential income properties for a total value in the billions.

Who we are

Meridian Pacific, Ltd. is a family of privately held investment and development corporations with offices in San Francisco, California and Honolulu, Hawaii. We currently serve as a major developer, owner and manager of real estate in the western United States and Hawaii.

Our expertise and experience as a developer and builder of over 100 projects including hospitality, shopping centers, industrial complexes, and office buildings in California, Nevada, Texas and Hawaii contributes to our success in every new project. Our firm has the breadth of knowledge and experience to manage the entire development process from conception through completion.

What we do

In recent years, Meridian Pacific, Ltd. has successfully acquired and financed for its own account, one million square feet of existing retail properties in California, Nevada and Hawaii.

These properties have been repositioned and re-tenanted in each of their respective markets. The current occupancy of this portfolio is 98% and the NOI of many of the properties has been increased by 100%. The company continues to look for well positioned retail properties in second tier markets that offer significant redevelopment potential with hands-on asset and property management.

As a lender, Meridian Pacific, Ltd. provides a full spectrum of real estate financing services.

Meridian Pacific, Ltd. is vertically integrated in the financing, design, construction and management of the properties that we develop.

From 1993 to 2009 Meridian Pacific, Ltd. provided real estate advisory services to the Hawaii Carpenters Pension Fund for the State of Hawaii. In recent years, we’ve specialized in providing construction and permanent financing for projects in the islands which includes serving as a major lender providing permanent loans and future loan commitments. We have closed transactions in excess of $1 billion in direct loans. Our lending program enables our firm to provide the underwriting, legal services, appraisals, environmental, engineering and site inspections together with all other required loan closing services through our in-house staff. This provides our borrowers with single-source responsibility for all loan requirements. Our loan portfolio has not experienced a single default in the loans it has placed totaling over $3 billion.

Our exceptional service and breadth of real estate experience places us in the forefront of our competition.

Meridian Pacific, Ltd. is an expert in success with property development, advisory services, and real estate financing. If you have any questions regarding any of the above material, please do not hesitate to call us.

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